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Kline Mortgage & Lending LLC is changing lives one loan at a time by offering competitive rates and extensive loan program options for our customers. As company president, I have been servicing Genesee, Oakland, Shiawasee, and Livingston counties with their mortgage needs for 15 years. Whether you’re a first time home buyer, move-up buyer, or existing home owner looking to refinance, let our mortgage experts at Kline Mortgage & Lending LLC help you get a quick turn-around and lowest closing costs on your loan.

We work hard to make your mortgage lending process as smooth as possible. It is our goal to bring you the best in the industry for rate and cost of your mortgage. We are an honest company that doesn’t charge any hidden fees on your rate as some of our competitors.

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Rural Development

Absolute no money down. Low 30-year fixed interest rates. Closing costs and pre-paid items can be financed into loan amount up to approved value. Eligible gifts allowed. Seller can pay up to 6% of the purchasing price for your closing costs. Maximum mortgage limit is $417,000. No reserve or down payment required. Flexible credit guidelines.

Conventional Loan

Many program options for first time home buyers. Programs include traditional 5% down payment. Risk scores as low as 620. Great alternative to an FHA loan with up to 3% down. Entire down payment can be gifted. No income limits or location limits like rural development.

FHA Loan

Only 3.5% down. RISK scores as low as 580. Down payments may be gifted by relative. Expanded debt ratio program. Low 30 year fixed interest rates. Six percent of the closing costs can be paid by the sellers. Thirty-six months from bankruptcy or foreclosure with 3 open lines of credit.

Reversal Loan

Absolute no money down. Minimum 62 years of age. Equity in home becomes tax-free monthly income. No monthly mortgage payments. Funds from home can be used for any purpose. No income or credit requirements. Backed by Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

USDA 30-Year Fixed Guaranteed Rural Housing Loans

    You may be eligible for a rural area loan if you live in:

  • Argentine
    Davison twp

  • Fenton
    Fenton twp
    Grand Blanc twp

  • Holly
    Holly twp
    Lake Fenton

  • Ortonville
    Rose twp
    Tyrone twp.